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Prolonged or recurrent jaundice in neonates, infants and children

What are the symptoms?

Yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes - the principal indication of baby jaundice - generally shows up between the second and fourth day after birth.

To check for newborn child jaundice, press delicately on your child's temple or nose. If the skin looks yellow where you squeeze, your child may have gentle jaundice. If your baby doesn't have jaundice, the skin color should simply look slightly lighter than its normal color for a moment.

Inspect your child in great lighting conditions, ideally in normal sunshine.

When to see a doctor?

Most emergency clinics have an arrangement of analyzing children for jaundice before release.

Your child ought to be analyzed for jaundice between the third and seventh day after birth when bilirubin levels generally top. If your baby is discharged earlier than 72 hours after birth, make a follow-up appointment to look for jaundice within two days of discharge.

The accompanying signs or side effects might show serious jaundice or complications from excess bilirubin. Call your doctor if:

  1. Your child's skin turns out to be more yellow

  2. The skin on your child's the mid-region(abdomen), arms or legs looks yellow

  3. The whites of your child's eyes look yellow

  4. Your child appears to be listless or sick or is difficult to awaken

  5. Your child isn't putting on weight or is taking care of inadequately

  6. Your child makes sharp cries

  7. Your child fosters some other signs or side effects that worry you

About Sanidhya Clinic

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