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How Diabetes happens in the body?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

To notice the symptoms of any disease, it is essential to know about the particular disease. Blood glucose/blood sugar is your prime source of energy and originates from the food you eat. A hormone called insulin prepared by the pancreas, helps to introduce glucose (received from food) into your cells to be used for generating energy.

Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the body is either unable to make sufficient insulin or can’t make use of the insulin to control glucose levels in the blood. If your body makes less insulin or doesn’t use insulin at all then the Glucose remains in your blood and doesn’t extend to your cells that makes your blood sugar level high which we call it as diabetes.

Living a life with diabetes is difficult and makes it more hopeless and restrictive. It’s very important to get consultation from a specialized diabetes doctor near you from time to time. To control and manage diabetes, you need a diabetologist to guide you on the diagnosis, medications, lifestyle, food and monitoring diabetes.

Dr. Samir Saini at Sanidhya clinic, is a specialized and seasoned diabetes doctor in Vadodara, who strives to infuse hope and peace in even the most severe diabetes cases. He specializes in treating patients with high blood sugar levels and pancreas disorders. He works closely with patients to control blood sugar also and monitor them so they can prevent health problems. Read our blog to know more about types of diabetes and its adverse effects on your body.

About Sanidhya Clinic

The Sanidhya clinic provides out-patient services with highly qualified and experienced specialists on hormonal disorders in adults and children and digestive disorders in children along with in-house laboratory, pharmacy and a team of paramedical officers. The clinic is equipped to deal with hormonal disorders related to the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, insulin(diabetes) and reproductive endocrinology, especially complex secondary & tertiary care, gestational diabetes management, adult and adolescent diabetes management, metabolic & liver disorders. The only center in Vadodara providing all specialty services and treatment in any hormonal and metabolic disorders along with visiting consultancy facility at Bodeli, Dahod and Bharuch.

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